Former Marine On Disruption and Leadership Strategies

Jake Harriman

Former Marine Platoon commander Jake Harriman retired from the military with an urge to serve the war-torn regions where he once operated, but he recognized that current military and aid-relief models were not effectively reaching their desired outcomes. Jake disrupted these models by blending the best strategies of both and creating an entirely different type of organization called NURU International.

Now a globally-recognized leadership and strategy expert who has been honored by the White House and the Dalai Lama, and featured in profiles in Forbes, ABC News, and more, he explains:

  • Why hybrid solutions and development are the way of the future
  • How to push innovation through when all other strategies have failed
  • Why you have to fail fast in order to learn fast
  • How to make your organization more agile and responsive to change
Harriman inspires audiences to unlock innovative approaches to age-old problems and equips leaders to take charge of their own destinies and communities.

For more information, and if you’d like to see video of Jake, please fill out the form below—we have new footage from a presentation last week where some in attendance said they were inspired to both get involved with NURU and find solutions to problems in their own lives.

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