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Industry Disruptor Changing Transportation

Anthony Foxx, Former US Secretary of Transportation

Former US Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx is a disruptive thinker known for shaking up the transportation industry and working to overcome barriers to change. In speeches, he talks about game-changing ideas and re-framing our understanding of what’s possible:

Foxx is currently a managing partner at Related Infrastructure. He’s also an advisor with many transportation ventures including Hyperloop One, and was recently named to the Biden Institute Policy Advisory Board.

Foxx shook things up at the Department of Treasury and launched the Smart City Challenge—which generated bold ideas from cities across the country. Understanding the regulatory hurdles start-ups face, Foxx talks about all the ways he moved the ball forward while in office. 

In speeches, he touches on everything from autonomous cars to connected cities (in rural areas too), and looks at integrated technology, the Internet of Things, sensors, and V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) communication. He brings disruptive thinking and innovation to life by showing groups how radical ideas will realistically be put into practice in the coming years, and he encourages audiences to rethink their own strategies before a competitive disruptor does.

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