Motivational & Inspiring Speakers With Great Stories

Our best speakers are talented storytellers. If you’re looking for an expert who can share a compelling message and pull the audience out of your meeting room and into their world, here are some of our top recommendations:

Chris Voss: The former Lead International Kidnapping Negotiator for the FBI, Chris’s stories are straight out of the movies. Between anecdotes of going head to head with bank robbers and international terror rings, he shares lessons about preparedness, calculated risk, why you want to get your counterpart to say “no,” and negotiating “as if your life depended on it.”

Jonah Berger: If you’re looking to better understand consumer behavior—and influence those around you—Wharton professor Jonah Berger is the most captivating speaker on the circuit. Jonah pulls back the curtain on why salespeople tend to buy BMWs, why a Hurricane spikes a name’s popularity, why retail brands pay people not to wear their clothes, and the “secret” ways to move the needle on your brand’s popularity.

Chris Tarbell
: Chris is one of the FBI’s most-celebrated cyber security officials of all time. He single-handedly infiltrated parts of the dark web, and brought down the illegal “Silk Road” marketplace. A book on that case is in the works, with the movie rights already purchased by Fox. He talks about the real cyber security threats that exist today, plus what companies can do to protect themselves.

Patricia Wilson: If you’re looking for a talk with heart, Patricia Wilson is the former CEO of Make-a-Wish San Francisco and the mind behind the Batkid phenomenon. A popular TED speaker, she is currently the subject of an upcoming documentary where she will be played by Julia Roberts. Patricia shares lessons on leadership and innovation and offers a behind-the-scenes look at how her MaW chapter brought five-year-old leukemia survivor Miles’s dream to life.

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