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The Circuit: New and Noteworthy

by Kate Burns

The Circuit

Leading Authorities' roundup of thought leadership, trends, and personalities on the speaking circuit

It’s been a busy week at LAI! We’ve recently begun working with a ton of new speakers and will be rolling out announcements soon. In the meantime, many of the speakers we’ve been working with for some time have big news to share—like a $1.2 billion company valuation (!), a new book, and even a new, HGTV-worthy home. Hopefully these stories serve as conversation fodder for the beach, pool, or family barbeque. It’s finally cooling off in DC this weekend, and we all can’t wait to get outside. Enjoy!

Have a great weekend, enjoy the summer temps and don’t forget your sunscreen!


That’s Billion … with a B

Zipline, the drone-delivery business that flies lifesaving medical supplies to hard-to-reach clinics in Africa, earned the No. 39 spot on the 2019 CNBC list of the 50 “Most Disruptive Companies.” Keller Rinaudo, founder and CEO, foresaw the humanitarian potential of drones to airdrop vital supplies such as blood, rabies vaccines, and antivenom to remote sites. With Zipline’s recent expansion into Ghana, it has become the world’s largest autonomous medical drone-delivery network, covering nearly 22 million people. Keller’s company is now valued at $1.2 billion, and with the surge of additional investing, Keller plans to begin service to rural U.S. areas soon.


So Well-Deserved

On Tuesday, Retired Marine Sergeant and double-amputee Rob Jones and his wife Pam moved into their new custom-built, smart-tech home. The house was built by the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation, a non-profit that builds houses decked with smart home technology for injured military personnel. Rob alternates between walking with prosthetics and using a wheelchair, and while he hasn’t let his injury hold him back (he now holds a Paralympic bronze medal!), having these assistive features will make life easier. Click here to read about how smart homes help wounded veterans like Rob, and for a slideshow of the couple’s new home. Congratulations Rob and Pam!

Joe Scarborough-Book

This Will Be Huge

Joe Scarborough’s newest book, This Ends Badly, offers a truly unique perspective of his personal relationship with President Trump, as it spirals downwards from their once-engaging friendship. He provides his account of their rocky relationship, through insights into Trump’s mind and his takeover of American politics. Watch Joe preview his book, which will be released on September 17th, 2019, to hear more about his transition from companion to critic.


A Guiding Spirit

Undefeated boxing world champion, dedicated philanthropist, and motivational speaker Laila Ali shared 3 lessons she learned from her dad, the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali, in honor of Father’s Day earlier this week. Inspired by her father’s philanthropy, Laila reveals that his spirit of ambition and perseverance has formed her into the person she is today. Check out her pieces of empowering advice that she gleaned from watching her father succeed and see how she uses them to guide her life.


Stranger than Fiction

Digital immortality is not just a theoretical plot from Black Mirror anymore, according to Dr. Michio Kaku. Soon enough, we will be able to scan and upload our entire personality and memories onto a digitized form that can be preserved in a type of “living library” of people. And Michio says this SciFi-sounding future is within close reach. Longer lifespans may also be likely, now that scientists have isolated the genes which control aging. Would you want to live forever? Watch Dr. Michio Kaku explain how it may soon be possible.

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