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Company Culture Is Key To Revenue

by Steve Bagshaw
Jim Donald Neil Morrison Ken Schmidt Matthew Syed

We know you understand the importance of a strong company culture: Whether it’s having a team that exceeds goals, retaining your top talent, or creating a positive brand image in the community, company culture is a huge component of success.

If your next event is focused on corporate culture, we'd like to suggest the following keynote speakers:

Jim Donald, Former CEO of Starbucks
Jim’s been called a “Turnaround King” for his ability to take flailing brands back from the edge of bankruptcy (and was named one of the Top 25 CEOs in the world. He has a new speech all about creating a culture that forever captures the excitement you feel on your first day of work in a new job. He talks about why “the biggest threat your company faces is from inside your four walls,” how to unlock untapped “gold mines” within your corporation, and how to build better attitudes and increased execution.

Ken Schmidt, legendary Director of Communications Strategy at Harley-Davidson
According to Ken, success all comes down to corporate culture. Ken has a new talk on the importance of building a successful culture. He examines the relationship between revenue and culture specifically, exploring:

  • Why dominant market share is a culture-driven result, rather than a marketing function
  • Why culture is the answer to growth challenges, employee turnover, and customer advocacy
  • Why a focus on "selling product" ultimately destroys competitiveness
  • Why loyalty to a company's product means the business is at risk while loyalty to its people means it’s thriving

Matthew Syed, Journalist, Writer, & Broadcaster
Matthew Syed has worked with some of the world’s least organisations to build a mindset of continuous improvement. He is also a multiple-award winning journalist for The Times who regularly contributes to radio and television. In presentations, he draws on a vast array of case studies to illustrate the importance of a corporate culture that embraces risk, new ideas, and occasionally even failure to encourage growth and success.

Neil Morrison, Penguin Random House Director of Strategy, Culture, & Innovation
Neil played a major role in the merger of Penguin Random House, during which time he led cultural initiatives to help the organisation endure a period of radical change. In engaging and thoughtful presentations, he speaks about leading in times of disruption, and why purpose and values are what drives organisational success.

For more information on these speakers, or to check availability and fees for an upcoming event, give us a call at +44-203-440-4196 or chat live with a member of our team now.

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