Operating in Stressful Environments with Rob O'Neill


Leading Authorities is hosting a webinar featuring former Navy SEAL and New York Times best-selling author, Rob O'Neill

One of our nation's most decorated veterans, Rob was involved in over 400 combat missions through 12 plus deployments. In the world of high-pressure Navy SEAL missions, instant, critical decision-making is a necessity for success. He has proven experience in exceptionally high-risk and fluid environments. 

Rob will be sharing his first-hand knowledge of operating in stressful environments on April 2nd at 2pm EST. To register, click here

Moderated Q&A Discussion. Get the chance to have your specific questions answered by Rob (either by pre-submitting or asking live on the webcast). You’ll come away with practical, useful tips and techniques to push through stress, power through fear and anxiety, lead others, and develop a “Never quit” attitude even in times of uncertainty.


*Please note: There are limited spots available to ensure all attendees get ample opportunity to interact with Rob.


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