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Mike Lynch

Commander Indigenous Covert Operations Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan

  • An unconventional leader with unconventional approach to problem solving
  • Strategic architect of many successful covert operations across the globe
  • Specialist in team cohesion, focus and preparedness for hostile environments; whenever they present themselves
  • Advisor to elite corporations and sports teams

Topics & Types
Inspiration & MotivationLeadershipMiddle EastPeak PerformanceRelationship BuildingTeamworkOvercoming AdversityCrisis ManagementMilitary LeadersAuthors

Major Michael ("Mike") Lynch served for almost two decades with British Special Forces in the SAS, ultimately commanding their covert special operations programmes in Iraq and Afghanistan.

His experience in ‘behind the lines’ covert operations is unsurpassed in today's Special Forces, his talents seeing him serve two of the longest operational tours in Iraq and Afghanistan in the history of the modern day British Army.

His skills and experience from his extensive operational duties, including The Sahel and North Africa has made him one of the most accomplished and decorated practitioners and leaders of international Counter Terrorism and Counter Insurgency (COIN) operations since 9/11. His hand raised and commanded indigenous covert operations forces have been responsible for some of the most notable successes against the enemy in recent times.

Fighting against some of the World’s most savage organisations, Mike Lynch has led the charge in countering terrorism and insurgencies with ingenuity and guile. His development and direction of his indigenous covert forces, many of them still in operation today, is testament to his unique and unconventional style of leadership, a pure blend of understanding, tenacity, bravery, and humility.

Since leaving the military, Mike has taken his operational planning and leadership expertise and formulated them into support products for business. Working with some of the worlds largest and most successful companies, Mike uses his skills and experience to assist them in problem solving, selecting, and developing specialist project teams, crisis planning, and access to emerging markets. He lists a number of high profile multi-nationals amongst his client base and travels extensively in support of their goals. He is an author and regularly contributes articles on counter terrorism and counter insurgency policy in various media forms. He also advises friendly foreign nations on the development of counter terrorism capabilities.

Mikes unique story, travels, and experiences make for fascinating listening. His views on leadership, team cohesion, and motivation are insightful, unconventional, and full of lessons learned. His talks are gripping, informative, topical, funny, and moving. Mike insists on ‘no holds barred’ Q&A sessions and positively encourages audience discussion and debate.

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