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Fresh Keynote Speaker Ideas

by Steve Bagshaw

Are you looking for something different at this year’s meeting? Do you have a spot to fill that needs to be both entertaining and packed with practical and actionable insights?

Here are four in-demand keynote speakers who have presentations that are unlike anything your team and audience has seen:

Daniel Hughes, Ex- Special Forces Instructor, 787 Dreamliner Pilot, Corporate Instructor, Founder of ReIgnite, Global Educator for Microsoft, & GB Duathlete

Daniel is an adventurer and master at overcoming adversity who, in addition to being one of the youngest ever “badged” into the SAS, also created the world’s highest video broadcast to the BBC from the summit of Mt. Everest. He is an incredible leadership and decision-making coach who specializes in high-pressure situations. High energy and filled with enthralling stories, his presentation is recommended for 2018 events seeking to energize teams with big goals ahead of them.

Rick Findler , Renowned War and Conflict Photographer

For the last six years, photojournalist Rick Findler has travelled to six countries facing the worst violence the world has seen in a generation: Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Burundi, Bahrain, and Lybia. Having been smuggled into Syria, confronted ISIS soldiers in Iraq, and watched innocent children confront brutal warfare and crippling poverty in Somalia, Findler is now back in London and available to showcase his brilliant photography and jaw-dropping stories. His speeches are moving and heart-pounding, and impart thought-provoking takeaways for any audience interested in current events and geopolitics.

Lior Zoref, Researcher, Adviser, TED Speaker, and Author

Zoref has captivated crowds at TED, Google, and more, bringing the concept of “crowd-sharing” and “crowd wisdom” to life with hilarious and high-energy on-stage demonstrations. He illustrates why the best problem-solving is done collaboratively, and how to use your network (real and online) to more easily find answers to everyday conundrums. | VIDEO

Chris Voss, Former FBI Lead International Kidnapping Negotiator  

Trained by the FBI, Scotland Yard, and Harvard, Chris Voss worked more than 150 kidnappings worldwide during his 24-year career with the FBI. He shares heart-pounding stories—detailing what it was like to talk high-profile criminals, including international terrorists, down—and pulls out the lessons audiences can learn about effective communication. | VIDEO

Give us a call to learn more about these speakers; I would be happy to share more information including speaker availability and fees.

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