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1st Trump Campaign Manager on What the Future Holds

by Maddie Donnelly
Trump Campaign Manager on Politics

Leaders and executives globally are facing a fresh set of questions as we face another potential government shutdown. Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski is one of few people on the speaking circuit who has worked closely with President Trump.

He provides audiences with a comprehensive look at President Trump’s decision matrix and priorities, including but not limited to:

  • How he manages cabinet members and senior leaders
  • What continued regulation change industries can reasonably expect to see
  • How President Trump’s new policies will impact businesses
  • What’s next when it comes to trade, immigration, tax reform, healthcare, and more
Corey has received top reviews from bi-partisan audiences. Here is what an SVP from a top DC organization said about Corey’s speech:

"It was a fantastic evening and a huge success. His insights and energy were, as I knew they would be, remarkable. I know everyone got even more than they may have hoped for out of the evening. At the beginning of his talk he mentioned that while he has an obvious bias, he would only present the facts without any personal emotion heavily involved, which was greatly appreciated. He handled the contentious questions that were thrown at him during the open Q&A very well and didn’t shy away from any topics. Everyone absolutely loved him and we received nothing but praise from our clients and investors

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