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Female Speakers In Every Topic

by Maddie Donnelly
Impressive Female Keynote Speakers

Recently, we’ve had a lot of requests for female keynote speakers across many topics. Here are just a few names we're really excited about at the moment, including:

Operating in the Trump environment

  • Mika Brzezinski: Mika is able to discuss President Trump’s style—why he loves being underestimated, how he views his allies and enemies—and his agenda. The award-winning host of Morning Joe argues that if you step back from the chaos, you see trend lines emerging that hint at the core of his vision.

Innovation and Business Strategy

  • Sarah Robb O’Hagan: Sarah is the new CEO of Flywheel Sports, the former global President of Gatorade, and a former Nike GM. She’s known for her ability to transform brands from the inside-out (she launched Nike Plus with Apple, and transformed Gatorade from a “drink brand” to a wellness company) to increase efficiency and profit.


  • Elizabeth Gore: While Dell executive Elizabeth Gore focuses largely on driving innovation within the tech conglomerate, she is also a passionate women’s advocate. She recently worked with more than 80 female founders and CEOs to draft a letter to the President about one of the U.S.’s greatest economic opportunities: Women entrepreneurs.


  • Mara Liasson: The Award-winning National Political Correspondent for NPR, Mara has been in the spotlight in 2017 for asking whip-smart questions and maintaining her composure throughout heated White House press conferences. She uses an extensive knowledge of all things politics and policy to discuss trends beyond the Beltway.

Change Management

  • Rita McGrathRita McGrath is a globally recognized management thinker and one of the world’s leading experts on strategy and growth in uncertain and volatile business environments. An associate professor at Columbia, she talks about the end of the competitive advantage and the new strategy playbook focused on creating an innovation pipeline.

To see a full list of the talented female keynote speakers that we proudly represent, click here.

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